The all-new chef-inspired Versa Pro 360 system is an advanced frozen dessert production system. With enhanced technology built-in, operators can expect huge production capacity while maintaining maximum quality for their signature recipes and more. In addition to frozen desserts, the VP 360 functions as a microprocessor of vegetables, herbs, fish, or meats. It is as simple as filling the beakers, freeze, & process. With super fast processing speeds, operators can produce one portion every six seconds or up to 60 liters and 60 flavors per production hour. That is 4 times faster than any competitor. The super-fast processing cycles ensure that the molecular structure of frozen ingredients are rapidly transformed to guarentee quality remains intact. The results – excellent mouthfeel, locked in flavors, and the smoothest consistency that comes along with the superior production capabilities of the VP360. No ingredient or food waste. Unused portions may be refrozen and processed at a later time.