Yes.  Operation is as simple as adding fresh strawberries or any other fruit to the beaker along with simple syrup (sugar and water), freezing, processing, and serving.  Same for milk-based products like ice cream or gelato.  You mix the dessert base along with flavoring, freeze, process and serve.   Although simplicity is at the heart of the process, the canvas is set for creativity for chefs who wish to create authentic, signature desserts.

Especially if producing small batches as you would in a counter model batch freezer in a fine dining or specific concept, the Versa Pro holds a huge advantage.  Production output is four times faster.  A counter batch freezer will produce about 16 – 18 liters per hour while the Versa Pro will produce up to 60 liters per production hour (four times the quantity).  Plus, the Versa Pro can produce single servings in as little as 10 seconds.  The batch freezer will produce up to four flavors while the VP360 will produce up to 60 flavors!

While there are similarities, the two systems are quite different, especially relating to performance.  Again, production output is four times faster using the VP360.  The Pacojet produces a liter in about four minutes while the Versa Pro produces one liter in one minute.  Sixty liters per production hour using the VP360 and fifteen liters using the Pacojet.  Other differences such as the superior blade design, air injection, rpm versatility, descent speed adjustments, built in errorless operations and other features make the VP360 a production system like no other.

No.  While making sure your product is well frozen is important, the Versa Pro is very forgiving relating to product temperature and beakers can be frozen in any freezer.  When producing ice cream or any frozen dessert, it is important for the final product to be as cold and dry as possible to avoid crystallization caused by warming during the production process.  The Versa Pro blade descends/ascends at such a rapid speed, the final product is ready to serve with little to no post freezing necessary.  Competitors to VP360 requires up to four minutes to produce a liter of product and most often requires a good amount of post freezing inside a hardening freezer.

There are many options for capitalizing on the strength of the VP360.  Fine dining applications are ideal.  Chefs are able to prepare a variety of frozen desserts quickly.  Whether producing on demand portions or volume processing, the VP360 is ideal for the kitchen looking for a versatile option for frozen desserts.  The Versa Pro 360 is ideal for special concepts and specialty applications such as farmers markets, coffee shops, bakeries, grocery stores.  Anywhere frozen dessert preparation offers an opportunity, the VP360 is a viable option.